Matty's Vision Gifts New TSB Recording Studio

Updated: Oct 18

The Studio was named in honor of Hall of Fame pianist and Hal Rugg colleague Hargus “Pig” Robbins

Hal Rugg’s great grandson Matthew Maynes (pronounced Minus) was in Nashville for the presentation of a Roland digital piano for their new recording studio Wednesday, October 14.

The final component Instrumental Music, History and Technology teacher Joseph Gregory had wished for to complete the studio was a Roland keyboard which Matty’s Vision acquired from Miller Piano Specialists, the regional Roland representative, and gifted to the school.

The gift had special significance to Matty’s Vision founder Tammy Rugg-Klinefelter in that her father, who the foundation is in co-honor of along with his great grandson, was a long time musical colleague of Hargus “Pig” Robbins, an alum of TSB (Tennessee School for the Blind).Hal and Pig recorded more hit records in Nashville in the studios on music row and around town than Pig could most likely recall.

Hal passed away in 2005 but when he and Hargus were in their “hey day” on the Nashville Cats “A” Team it was not unusual for them to work two or three sessions a day together. The combination of Hal and Pig on a record was a collaboration of two musical geniuses who knew how to play together, and instinctively get out of each other’s way or pile on top of one another. Whatever the record needed to be a hit, they provided. Being a producer with these guys in session must have been pretty easy! It is special to see their legacies come together in such a magical, musical way in support of these young music lovers.

Mr. Nathan Travis, Superintendent and Dr. Kathy Segers, Director of Instruction, Matty’s little sister Mia, Joe Gregory and Matty’s Nana and Papa (Jack & Tammy) were all together to check out the new instrument. Dr. Kathy ran it through its paces with a boogie woogie Matty especially enjoyed.

Matty’s Vision is blessed to be able to serve the needs of these dedicated educators and their students in honor of two of the finest musicians to ever make music in Music City.

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