Papa Jack Record Project to Benefit Matty

“Story Songs and Sing-a-longs” is a new Papa Jack recording whose entire proceeds will go to benefit Matty’s Vision, a Hal Rugg Foundation.

Jack Klinefelter, aka Papa Jack, the Story Teller has recently finished the making of a CD in Nashville (actually Old Hickory TN) of original tunes entitled “Story Songs and Sing-a-longs.” After years of inactivity, due to the priority of raising his children with his wife Tammy Rugg-Klinefelter, he has immortalized some unique original Americana flavored songs with the help of multi-threat technician and percussionist Eddie Glass in the Glass House Studio. Papa Jack owes a debt of gratitude to writer/vocalist/entertainer Sherry Carlisle for introducing him to the talent of Ed Glass and contributing background vocals on the project.

The recording of this CD is a dream come true for the aging artist in that it is the first “art oriented” project he’s ever indulged in. “In the early years it was all about getting a deal or a cut. It is very liberating to be able to work on a project strictly from an artistic standpoint, commerciality be damned,” says Jack. Since minstrels use different backdrops for the tales we tell, so the tempos and rhythms move along like the curves and hills on the road he used to play. Papa Jack spends considerable time in the Old West along with some other stops on the highways and bi-ways of America. He invites you to ride along.

To add flavor to the Papa Jack songs he has employed the help of Eddie’s old friend Don McGinnis on the upright bass, hall of fame and legendary Nashville harmonica player Charlie McCoy and ultra versatile fiddler Kenny Sears of “Time Jumpers” fame. The chemistry and passion of the players on this “outside the box” material is evident immediately. After a fifteen year hiatus, the master entertainer, story teller, doesn’t simply return to form but blazes a whole new trail that listeners who enjoy a plot will relish. This stuff does have a bit of an edge to it. “Reality is many times more unbelievable than fiction”, he sites.

“Being able to write, play, and promote this traditionally rich genre while raising money to help visually impaired children receive musical instruments and opportunities is a monumental blessing. If these cowboy songs can do some good then I am fulfilled.” he states. As opposed to the early outlaw music years when he was a road warrior with a Kamikaze approach toward life the old story teller kind ‘a hopes to stick around a while now, spend some more time with his wife (and now grandchildren) and see how much good he may be able to do. “I am grateful to my wife, her foundation, and my father-in-law’s legacy that we may have a springboard to help children likeMatty“, he states.

“Story Songs and Sing-a-longs” took a year and a half to complete but is now ready for human consumption. Take a listen if you would like a musical adventure through America.

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