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Sonny, Hal and Weldon is a collection that every lover of the steel guitar should own. These three friends and masters of the instrument played for country music’s greatest stars on its most historic stage. The world’s oldest, longest running and most prestigious live radio show only hired the best of the best. It is evident on this recording.

Steel Guitars Of The Grand Ole Opry!

    1. Sundown
    2. Annie’s Song
    3. Jamaican Steel
    4. Steel Guitar Rag
    5. Life’s Railway To Heaven
    6. If You Love Me Let Me Know
    7. Maiden’s Prayer/Faded Love Medley
    8. The Waltz You Saved Me For
    9. This Time I Almost Made It
    10. The Great Speckled Bird
    11. Killing Me Softly
    12. City Lights
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