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Tammy's husband shows off his story telling and writing skills with some Americana songs as country and western as it gets. With no regard to commerciality Papa Jack and his musical companions on this project, Charley McCoy and Kenny Sears, take you on a trip across America showcasing the uniqueness of its past. Some of these stories will make you laugh and some of them will make you cry. Unconventional and entertaining like an Indy movie.

Story Songs & Sing-Alongs by Papa Jack

  • This single, includes 3 tracks and nearly twenty minutes of music.

    1. Diesel Daisy
    2. Story Songs and Sing-a-Longs
    3. Little Man
    4. Papa Jack
    5. Hired Gun
    6. Tombstone
    7. Happy People
    8. I'll Always be a Cowboy
    9. Shelter from the Storm
    10. The Black Hills Run Red
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