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Emmanuel Lutheran Church Supports Matty’s Vision

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

On the evening of Friday, September 27 an intimate but powerful group of members were exposed to the church’s first Matty’s Vision get-together. They were given an informational and historic slide show by co-founders Tammy Rugg Klinefelter and Jack Klinefelter (aka Papa Jack), complete with Matty’s Vision slide show images of musical gifts to teachers and visually impaired students in Tennessee, Indiana and Arizona. Each Matty’s Vision music evening begins with an updated slide show so supporters can see with their own eyes the work being done for those who are without sight.

The attendees were then treated to music performed by Papa Jack, world class guitarist and Christian artist Scott Goudeau and talented Emmanuel member, vocalist and guitarist, Paul Marriner. The three ended the show together performing some lively original songs with a spiritual message inked by Papa Jack and a sing-along of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Paul and Scott provided some great licks, Paul riding on his beautiful sounding acoustic Martin guitar and Scott doing what Scott does… wowing us all with his speed, taste and personally crafted electric guitar sounds.

The most impressive thing about the evening was not the music, but how the small number of folks responded with their giving through donations and CD purchases, then sticking around to visit and compliment the musicians and Tammy who ran the sound after the show was over.

Emmanuel Lutheran is where Jack and Tammy were married. It is a church that Hal Rugg, who the foundation is inspired by, helped start as an original member. Emmanuel is where his funeral was performed, and where his grandchildren Lauren (Matty’s Mom) and Brooke were baptized. It was a bit of a reunion with old friends for Jack and Tammy who hope to be invited back. In addition to those who attended and contributed financially, Matty’s Vision extends a heartfelt THANK YOU! to Sarah Baker and Pastor Keith Enko who helped make the opportunity for the foundation to tell its story on that September evening a reality.

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