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Matthew makes his first record!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

At the age of ten years old Matthew Aaron Maynes (pronounced Minus) went to Dolye Grisham’s home studio in Fairview Tennessee to make his first professional recording. Moreover it is a song he wrote with his Papa several years back. He wrote 80% of the lyrics and helped arrange it.

He was in good shape being surrounded by a Coral Reefer band member and music row engineer, Dolye, his Nana (who grew up in the studio with her dad, Hal Rugg), his sister Mia and his Papa. 

His song will be made available to the public later this year and is entitled “My Walking Cane.” Tammy and Mia have talking parts, Matthew played his own piano parts and sang his own song. Papa Jack played guitar and Dolye played both pedal steel and dobro. Fun was had by all and I must mention that Matthew made a fast friend of Dolye’s wife Debbie, they got along famously.

Stay tuned for more details. If you have an interest in receiving a recording of the song, it will be included on Papa Jack’s next CD and also available by itself through Matty’s Vision after its release.

It was so much fun being a part of his first recording. He did a great job and plans to keep singing, playing and recording!

Please consider a donation of any amount so we can give other visually impaired students the opportunities and instruments Matthew has been able to enjoy. Go to our donation or store page to contribute! 100% of all donations or purchases go towards this Hal Rugg foundation.

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