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The Saturday Duck River Show was a Success for Matty’s Vision Beneficiaries!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The owners of the Duck River Old Country Store Debbie and Doyle Grisham provided a perfect venue for new folks to be exposed to the Matty’s Vision mission of providing instruments and musical opportunities to the visually impaired. On top of a historic setting and friendly locals to play to, the Grisham’s made a generous contribution themselves to the foundation which is greatly appreciated!

 Surrounded by staff form left to right Mickey Bunn, local celebrity and D.J, TX Hall of Fame Steel Guitarist Doyle Grisham, Papa Jack and Duck River owner and real estate specialist Debbie Grisham

The interest that the crowd had in the slide show at the beginning when they were learning about the mission of Matty’s Vision was impressive but their interest in the show was best described in this statement that Doyle, a performer who plays in front of thousands of people in Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band on a regular basis, made, “Nobody left, they stayed engaged the entire show. Papa Jack has a storytelling gift that pulls people in. Nobody even got up, that’s says something.” The admiration is mutual evident in Papa Jack’s grateful statement,” The main reason why Doyle is such a joy to play music with and has enjoyed such a long, successful career is that he knows what, when and how much to play. He truly is a story-tellers best friend. I hope to be invited back sometime. It was a ball!

The show was “live streamed” and can be enjoyed on the Duck River Facebook site here:

Please support Matty’s Vision’s mission of providing instruments and musical opportunities to the visually impaired by visiting: and purchasing merchandise or making online contributions. 100% of all proceeds go directly to the students.

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