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Matty’s Vision Funds Unique Instruments for TSB (Tennessee School for the Blind)

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Near the end of 2017 founder Tammy Rugg-Klinefelter sent a check to the Tennessee School for the Blind so they could purchase a couple of unique new instruments. New Choral Director Madeleine May and Tammy had been discussing an ingenious new product supplied by a company named Great Southern Recreation. Something we would have never thoughts of… outdoor playground instruments! We are always impressed with how well the teachers are in tune (pardon the pun) with the needs of their visually impaired students. Madeleine is a splendid example of a caring mentor with super instincts.

With visually impaired students it is imperative to give them every opportunity to have access to things they can express themselves with. They love the outdoors: the sounds, smells, feel of the weather and all the differences they experience when they leave the building and venture into the outside world. These outdoor musical instruments, built to withstand the elements, sit poised and ready to be enjoyed after going through the storms of life (literally) on the playground for the next sunny day the students can take to the outdoors. Just take a look at the pictures and the video she provided, they tell the story better than we can.

Madeleine researched and ordered the first two, in the collection with a $2,850 gift from Matty’s Vision. Other supporters made the collection you see complete, we aren’t the only ardent supporters of the visually impaired. The instruments we know the names of were a Freenotes Harmony Melody Xylophone and a Freenotes Flower with anodized aluminum notes.

This is an impressive example of an educator finding creative ways to help improve the experience and development of their students. We enthusiastically support the magnificent work being done to further the current and future lives of these very special students by these very special mentors.

We are grateful for Madeleine and those like her who care for these special students.

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