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Matty's Vision Show Goes Parrothead!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The last show at the Old Train Depot for Papa Jack and friends was a trip to the tropics with Coral Reefer Band member and longtime esteemed Nashville studio man Doyle Grisham. Last October* supporters of Matty’s Vision enjoyed a 2 hour show that featured some tasty licks from one of the best steel guitarists to ever record. Attendees were treated to some new Papa Jack songs, a couple classics offered up by foundation founder (and the daughter of steel guitar icon Hal Rugg) Tammy Rugg-Klinefelter, and all night long the versatile steel stylings of Doyle Grisham.

Doyle said little and let his picking do the talking. He played one of Hal’s dobros for Tammy’s two selections and made you hurt when Valerie Grimes* sang a bluesy song she co-wrote entitled Mississippi Saturday Night.

Some of the dependable musical support from the past was in place with Don Wharton and Jack’s brother John contributing of their time and talent again. Having Don sing and play always adds a healthy touch of fun and class. Pastor Jack Worth kicked things off with a poem, an inspirational song on his mouth harp then a prayer before the food line was formed. This may be the only concert in musical history with a Jimmy Buffet tribute set in it to start with a prayer!

Another major source of entertainment were the percussionists, Chris Elvidge and Barry Epply!

Much like his old friend Hal, Doyle is a humble guy and not one to jump out in front yet the music he offered told the story of his greatness. A greatness at times so subtle it doesn’t get mentioned as much as it should. The magic, whether understood by the laymen listener or not, was appreciated and felt, which after all is the true intention of music… to paint a feeling. At that Doyle is one of the best to ever do it. He would never come out and state it, but Doyle played on every Randy Travis hit ever recorded including the last big one “Three Wooden Crosses.”

Some of the signature licks Doyle wrote and recorded for Buffet are pop history, especially the turn-a-round in “Come Monday” which everyone got to experience “live” and in person. The Old Train Depot was blessed to have a musician of this caliber and should have made an even bigger deal of it but in Doyle’s laid back way he simply came into town, not expecting any fan fair, plugged in, tore it up, and jumped on the road back out of town the next day just the way many great musicians have done all their lives. Who was that masked man?!

It was a good and enthusiastic crowd who went away after a having a fun time. They supported Matty’s Vision and its mission to assist the visually impaired with their attendance, donations and purchases. We especially thank our sponsors who are listed below.

Evenings like this don’t come around very often and we were proud to be a part of the night that The Old Train Depot went Parrothead. We couldn’t have done it with any authenticity without the help of long time Coral Reefer Band member, great Nashville sound technician, and ultra-talented musician Doyle Grisham. Thanks Doyle! Thanks, Matty’s Vision supporters. A job well done.

*I apologize that this write up is so long overdue. Tammy and I have had our hands full with business and moving details and are looking forward to playing more soon.

** Valerie, John and I are siblings and it was a special time for the three of us to perform together with our mother, Marilyn, in attendance.

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