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Tennessee School for the Blind Receives a Piano!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The curtain rolled back and in the middle if the stage sat a brand new Yamaha hybrid NU1. On May 24 Superintendent Dr. Kathy Segers announced that Matty’s Vision had given the piano to the school for use in the auditorium to a pretty full gathering at the yearend awards ceremony.

Last year when Tammy and Jack were watching a choir rehearsal they noticed the director was providing pitch before the individual songs on a old acoustic piano which had troubles staying in tune. It was then they thought it would be great to see an instrument that ALWAYS stayed in tune but still played like an acoustic piano in the auditorium for rehearsals and programs, thus the gift. Matty’s Vision promotes no particular brand of piano, guitar, sound equipment or instruments and simply tries to provide whatever the music directors need. This piano was acquired from the regional Yamaha representative Miller Piano Specialists in Franklin who has been a constant supporter of the foundation. It was perfect because it can serve both as an acoustic instrument or it can be run through the auditorium PA depending on the needs of the program being presented.

Now in the first person, not merely the reporter, I must say: the most impressive thing about our experience was the gratefulness and excitement the teachers, administration and staff showed us. Having been a part of the school in a small way over the past few years we have made some friends there and are so impressed to know firsthand not only the way they serve the students but the sincere care they have for them. These students are blessed with educators who not only show up to work but set an example on how to be unselfish in the way they do their job(s). We are proud to be a support system for such quality individuals. We often mention how inspiring and special these visually impaired students are but let’s never forget how special the people who dedicate their careers to them are as well. They are a great inspiration to us and those they serve.

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