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Matthew Turns Ten!

February 15 is an easy date to remember around here. The person Tammy nicknamed “Little Man” was born on that date just over ten years ago. It’s almost beyond belief that he is growing so tall and as they say in the south growing like a weed!

This year, with school being interrupted several times, has been a challenging one for Matthew because distance learning is not as effective as “in person” interactions. This is true for most sighted students and especially true for those without. We’re happy to report that he is back in and enjoying school at this writing.

Presents for Matthew
Presents and duffle bag full of percussion instruments for Matthew!

Included in his other gifts was a duffle bag of percussion instruments. In addition to his piano, Matthew has taken a liking to rhythms and so his Nana and Papa sent some fun stuff to get started with in the birthday box with the other presents. This way when his parents get the Alexa Echo going he can play along… who knows maybe there is a set of drums and drum lessons in his future! (just the instrument every parent wants their child to choose lol)

For those of you who have been keeping up with Matthew and his growth through Matty’s Vision since its inception in 2013, we wanted to give you an update on this inspiring young fellow. For those of you more recently exposed to our mission read through the past blog posts and get to know him. You’ll soon see why he moved us to form a foundation to serve others like him, many of whom don’t have the strong family support he enjoys.

Happy Birthday Matthew! Keep growing, keep learning, keep showing us how to be better ourselves and for God’s sake never stop with that smile… it is priceless and makes us all smile too.

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