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Matty’s Vision Gifts St. Stephen's Life Team with Drum Machine

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Music Minister Scott Goudeau is shown here holding a digital drum machine gifted by Matty’s Vision. Scott plays piano for mass at the Catholic Community Church and is also the director of the praise band who provides the music during the Sunday evening Mass. He is a gifted, versatile musician and director whose first instrument is the guitar which he plays as he directs the Sunday evening services. The life team he directs provides a contemporary Christian flavor to the Sunday evening worship.

It can be challenging to keep a “live” percussionist in the band, and they prefer it when one is available, but many times using a digital drum machine is a necessity. The Alexis machine shown here is programmable and can do many things to help the music minister and his musicians provide on time, quality music during a mass. We also provided some gear that can help the machine perform at its optimum level.

We appreciate all that Scott and the musicians contribute to enrich the worship of the church community and are thankful to be of service to them with this modest but important gift. We seek to be of further service as new musical needs arise.

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