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Matty's Vision Gifts the Indiana School for the Blind

Sean Bradley is the current music director for the Indiana School for the Blind. He and his staff sent a wish list to Matty’s Vision in 2023 at our request which co-founder and CFO Tammy Rugg Klinefelter responded to with a $1,000 gift.

Here is a list and some pictures of the much needed supplies the school will use for their music department:  


All this plus reeds, valve oil, slide cream, and accessories to provide students the best experience.


Matty’s Vision is proud to support the teachers and students and hope to be able to for years to come.

Recent contributions at “live” shows, DVD, CD purchases and contributions from Hal Rugg fans who support the foundation helped make this possible. If you enjoy instrumental music, consider, as thousands already have, going to the Matty’s Vision Shopping Cart and adding some music from the steel guitar master to your life. He is looking down with a smile on how we are contributing 100% of the funds we raise to aid the musical development of these children who have a disability such as his grandson Matthew has.

We, once more, thank the school and teachers for all the work they do in helping these very special students develop and prepare for life in a sighted world.

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