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Matty’s Vision Shows Gift in Action!

This is a picture of a student named Luis at the Tennessee School for the Blind. Luis is playing a Pearl Roadshow drum set funded by Tammy-Rugg Klinefelter via donations to Matty’s Vision.

Band Director James Everett, when asked what his greatest immediate need was. He responded with a specific request of not one but two drum sets for the jazz band. Why two? Two drum sets because many visually impaired students have growth challenges even if they have growth hormones and never end up being full sized adults. The smaller trap (drum) set allows them a properly sized instrument with which to play music on.

James, who does a phenomenal job with his students, provided this picture. We are proud to gift teachers and students the things they need for musical expression. Please consider a donation of any size to help us continue to help them.

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