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Matty’s Vision Supporters Donate AutoHarp and Guitar!

Papa Jack's (aka Jack Klinefelter) high school classmate Jeannie Edwards Westafer not only donated these instruments in honor of her recently dearly departed husband Dave, she also paid the shipping to get them to Arizona. Matthew's piano and guitar teacher Kate Scally received the instruments recently which will be used at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind where she works in addition to giving private music lessons. Jeannie, as have been many people, has been moved by Matty's Vision posts showing Matthew's development and activities over the years. Her inspiration was that she envisions her husband hearing the instruments being played from his home in Heaven. Over the past decade many Matty's Vision supporters have donated trumpets, saxophones and other instruments. This is an opportune time to mention Jim and Bambi Maze, more Hoosier repeat offender donors who also gave the most interesting instrument to date... a didgeridoo! Thanks to Jeannie, Jim and Bambi, and the other anonymous donors for your support. Your donated instruments are in the capable hands of great educators and students who so appreciate them. In some small way we are changing lives by giving the gift of musical expression... who knows for some of them maybe in a large way. Keep them in your hearts, minds and prayers. They are truly special, both the students and those called to teach them.

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